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  • Who is Meksis and what are its fields of activity?
    • "Meksis was established in Ostim in 1982 in order to operate in field of heat devices, became a leader organization in its sector by expanding its fields of activity in Modular Water Storage systems so by realizing a first in Turkey in late 1990s. Its product scale on heat devices includes heating boilers, steam boilers and generators, pressurized containers, heat exchangers, energy saving devices, solid and waste burner systems, fuel tanks, steel chimneys and exhaust gas filters.

      Its product scale on modular water storage systems includes prismatic modular water tanks (star, dished and honeycomb), cylindrical bolted modular water tanks, domestic cylindrical monobloc and modular water tanks and package hydrophores."

  • Should we have a plated exchanger or boiler or accumulation tank constructed?
    • Usage areas of these heating devices are different. Selection is made in certain capacities according to the structure of each plant and then it is designed. If you want more efficient utility water after water exits from the heating boiler in your system by storing, you can both store your water by using boiler (double walled, rapid or modular boiler) and also ensure process of heating mains water. Or if your system requires both immediate water and utility water to be stored, you can provide this process through the accumulation tank system after plated exchanger.

  • What is modular water tank? How do they differ from conventional welded tanks?
    • Modular water tank is a kind of tank all components of which have been produced in factory conditions as modular, and designed clean and hygienic and in a way to pass through narrowest locations. The most significant difference from welded tanks is that each component is replaceable and constructed by making an entire without causing any damage like injury while carrying to the assembly location etc.. Moreover, since processes like welding, painting etc. are not held in the assembly location, it enables you to store your water in clean and hygienic conditions.

  • Which conditions are determinant in tank capacity?
    • Requirement in utility location is determinant. As an example, daily use of an apartment flat differs between 250lt and 500 lt. In case an average 10 m3 tank is chosen for an apartment with 20 flats as drinking and utility water tank, requirement for 1 day shall be covered in water cuts.

  • How can cleaning and periodical maintenance of modular tanks be conducted? Is cleaning with a chemical substance appropriate?
    • Chemical cleaning is rarely recommended for cleaning maintenance of tanks. The most significant point you should hold is to ensure some amount of water to be discharged by opening bottom blow-off valve in every 15 days. In addition, you should ensure water in tank to be also circulated when there is no water cut. You are recommended to pump water to your facility without waiting water in tank too long. Because, microorganisms shall reproduce for some time although the tank you use dead water is healthy enough.

  • Do you construct a complete boiler room?
    • Yes, we construct a complete boiler room. However, parts like column installations and individual heating of users are constructed by project and natural gas firms.

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